Ocón Studios: the Production Company

Ocón Studios is a television production company that has focused on the production of the program Carlos´s Corner

This is a program which aims to provide both travellers and those who may feel interested in whatever places around the world with all the necessary information about their chosen destination.

We are talking about customised programs, specially cut out for our customers, adapted to meet the needs of both the audience and the sponsors. We are talking about exclusive programs, with no closed format.

Vouching for us are 18 years of ongoing and uninterrupted broadcasts on every Tv channel in Bilbao, as well as on Local Media, Hispasat and Euskatel. We are also making our presence be felt on the Internet.

Carlos´s Corner, via its director and host, receives daily congratulations from its audience, who encourages us to keep on with the work we have been carrying out up to now. A survey conducted among the population of our Community claims that our program is original, unassuming and very engaging and interesting to follow. We enjoy a wide and varied audience, made up of young people, adults, elderly people, etc.

We shall next inform you of our working methodology, by which we mean the previous process, the making of the program and the final editing and broadcast. We sincerely hope that this information will be of interest to you and will also show you  the kind of benefits that our production could bring into your activity.


Every year, Ocón Studios carries out travel planning with the aim to record a series of documentary films about places of interest for its potential audience.

The travelling destination is selected following criteria of popularity, tendencies and whatever is considered to be the craze of the moment.

On certain occasions, if we get wind of the celebration of some events at an international level, we always try to achieve the inclusion of the said event – wherever it may be held–within our program planning so that the viewers can enjoy a broadcast before the mentioned event takes place, giving them the opportunity to attend if that were their wish.  All this accounts for the appeal we have for large and varied audiences.



Carlos´s Corner is a program on travels from a point of view very close to the audience.

We inform of the places to be visited, their most appealing features, their people and customs, and the best way to enjoy them through pictures, images and interviews.

We provide all the necessary details on how to get there, where to stay, what kind of official documents are required (such as visas, passports, permits, etc), and all the information that may arouse the interest of our audience, whether they intend to travel or not, for our program is addressed to all those who love travelling –even to those who love travelling without having to abandon the comfort of their sitting-room.


Previously to the program broadcasting, we undertake a thorough research and planning work regarding the contents of what is going to be recorded for the program, as well as making the necessary arrangements with the local authorities or other public bodies which may be of assistance to us, and finally we define the routing slip that we shall  follow for the making of the program.


Once the program has been designed and given shape to in the former stage, we schedule the most suitable dates for travelling and start applying for the necessary permits.

It is during that period that we present our ideas to you, the sponsors, hoping to arouse your interest about the program and the selected destination.



Once the departure dates are due, we head for our destination and shoot the documentary film recording absolutely everything concerning the trip to proceed then to edit the most interesting parts that may appeal to the audience.

Provided our sponsors are eager to do the selection of the places themselves and choose the program contents on demand, we shall be pleased to oblige them filming these resorts as part of the production contents.


Once back in our Studio, we shall start editing the final documentary film.
This final documentary film will  have allocated some advertising space for the sponsors, where all the sponsors´ brands will be shown  in  an ongoing fashion that will become permanent in the final credits of the broadcast.


1.600.000 espectadores diarios y más de 12.000.000 mensuales

Carlos´s  Corner has been granted a concession by TeleBilbao and Local Media Tv, being our program broadcasted  on  both local and national channels as well as on iInternational ones.

TeleBilbao broadcasts the program in prime time: on Saturdays at 14:30, on Sundays at 20:00, on Mondays at 15:00 and on Wednesdays at 0:30.

Local Media broadcast the program during what could also be considered prime time:  on Mondays at 15:00, on Tuesdays at 23:00, on Wednesdays at 7:30, on Thursdays at 22:00, on Fridays at 20:30 and on Sundays at 6:30.

Taking into account the duration of each program –which lasts between 25 and 27 minutes, these hours make up for being on the air a total amount of 250 minutes per week, with an audience share of 700,000 viewers per week.

18 years of continuous broadcasts speak for our professional success and reliability.