Carlos´s Corner is a TV program on touristic and adventure trips that got started in 1992

It has a duration of 25 minutes and takes us weekly close to charming places, the area of activities not being restricted to national resorts for we also operate both nationwide and worldwide, arousing in the audience the mounting eagerness to get to know more of the places shown in our program and therefore to visit them.

It is broadcasted several times during the week on the following TV channels, having gathered an increasing number of viewers till reaching an average weekly audience of 600,000 viewers per program.

–   Telebilbao: local broadcasting for the city of Bilbao and its metropolitan area.

–    Euskaltel: broadcasted via optical fiber throughout the whole territory of the Basque Country.

–    Local Media: broadcasting via the Hispasat satellite for the 190 radio and television stations that make up the Local Media Group, uncoded for all the Hispasat satellite subscribers.

This advantageous situation enables us to offer our program as a publicity platform displaying the following SERVICES:

Monographic programs on whichever aspects linked to the tourism world, adventure trips and trips in general: routes, culture, hotels and accommodation, gastronomic feats, festivities and celebrations, etc….

Publicity Banners on the official website of our broadcasting program with a link leading to our customer´s website.

Commercials shown every time the program is being broadcasted.

The program sponsorship: special publicity launching and promotional treatment for our customers, with a series of specific services on offer.

The wide range and variety of our publicity services has been designed to allow the publicity to be more tightly adapted to the promotional profile of the advertiser, whether his/her range of business is related or not to travelling, tourism or adventure trips.

Regarding any of the above mentioned promotional services, our program technical team is available to look after the whole process: recording, editing and broadcasting.

For further information and query about fees and estimates, please contact

El Rincón de Carlos

Ramón y Cajal nº 12 lonja
48014 Bilbao
Tlf/Fax (00 34) 94-4751830